Even a temporary default with a brief interruption in payments that Congress subsequently restores would be terribly damaging, calling into question the willingness of Congress to uphold America’s longstanding commitment to meet the obligations of the nation in full and on time.


The debt ceiling debate is interesting in the sense that it has been consistently raised since Brenton Woods (this took us off the Gold Standard during the Nixon Presidency). These ceiling raises were done without the political theater that we are “enjoying” currently. I can’t quite call it as to why it is so heavily politicized. Obviously, partisan politics is very much in play here as the Republicans are using the National Debt as a crutch against the President. Bottom line here is expect a lot of political shenanigans and a weakening USD. 

Things that make you go "Hmmm": German Edition

The Bundesbank, the Central Bank of Germany, has decided to repatriate it’s Gold from the Federal Reserve. Why is this news? Well it shows lack of trust between Central Banks. Typically, Central Banks work in chorus with each other and visibly showing a lack of trust in this matter is particularly striking. 

In my analysis, this shows the weakness of the European economic situation in addition to a lack of trust shown with the U.S.’s central bank.

2013 will be interesting.

The great Larry Pinkney of the Black Panther Party on Alex Jones to discuss COINTELPRO

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